Agenor Technology

IT Professional Services

Providing experienced consultants with proven track records in the areas of:

  • Programme Delivery
  • Deployment Management
  • Technical Services
  • Testing Services

Risk Management - Redefined -

Risk Magic UK

GRC Solutions

Risk Wizard is an advanced but easy to use Governance, Risk & Compliance software solution to help you manage your business risks, compliance tasks or workplace incidents.

Security Management - Redefined -


Infra & Application Security solution

ThreadStone offers your company an optimal security check of systems and equipment connected to the Internet.

By using ThreadScan, a fully automated scan, you stay optimally protected against cyber criminals.

Lean IT Operations

LeanITops UK

IT Professional Services

  • Programme Delivery
  • Testing Services
  • Technical Services
  • Implementation Management

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WOEST.IT is a supplier to Agenor in NL.

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WOEST.IT is a licensed reseller of these products.

Partner Level:

WOEST.IT is a licensed reseller of these products.

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WOEST.IT is partner of LeanITOps UK, sharing infrastructure and people.


Taiga Innovations

Energy management solution

CareTaker is an energy usage management and monitoring tool designed to reduce energy wastage, CO2 emissions and energy costs.

Specifically aimed at creating a greener working environment, caretaker will record all PC activity types from Active to Offline, recording the energy consumption and when energy policies were applied to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Recruiting Redefined

Geek Talent

Recruitment management solution

Geek Talent is our tech recruitment product which allows companies to search for staff with ease by aggregating data from all over the internet to generate virtual profiles of staff who are the perfect match.



Deployment management solution

ICEFLO has been designed to reduce risk and increase control when planning and deploying complex technology change.

  • Build, rehearse and execute integrated runbooks
  • Real-time updates ensuring informed decision making
  • Standardisation of structure, process and vocabulary
  • Built-in backout functionality preventing unscheduled downtime


Project management solution

Plottu is a next generation software to improve delivery of projects and ROI of investments. This BI solution combines big data and human knowledge with predictive analytics applied directly to the company’s project portfolio.

Partner Level:

WOEST.IT is a licensed reseller of CareTaker in Europe.

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WOEST.IT is a licensed reseller of GeekTalent in NL.

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WOEST.IT is an authorised agent for ICEFLO in NL.

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WOEST.IT is a licensed reseller of Plottu in NL.